Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tropical Breeze - TropiCouture Podcast with Elite Fashion Designer Suzanne B

We recently had the opportunity to interview international fashion designer Suzanne B of TropiCouture. We have officially made the splash into the fashion world. Listen to this podcast and discover her world of beauty and elegance, designed for a clientele that appreciates the warmer climates and the beaches of the world. Get caught up in The VORTEX!

An Interview with Suzanne B, Fashion Designer for TropiCouture (

Suzanne B is an internationally famous fashion designer who focuses on clothing for the warmer climates of Hawaii, Florida, Southern California, the Caribbean, and yes, Houston. Her list of clientele indicate the value of what she designs for people who travel and do business in other parts of the world. This was a fun and interesting interview with one of Houston’s most premiere designers.

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