Friday, February 8, 2008

New Client: (2.8M hits, 2.6 terrabytes of downloads in 2007)

Leading-edge Strategic Marketing company (can I say that? Yes I can, it's my blog), Marketing Dynamics signs up a powerhouse movie podcasting client. was created by former MTV director Andy Siems (Katy, TX) and Independent Filmmaker, John Jansen (Southern California). Both have a passion for the filmmaking industry and talk about the magic and science of cinema and have garnered an audience of cinemaphiles. "We are known for creating the longest podcasts on the internet" says Andy Siems.

Box Office Magazine recently featured the company for their innovative dialogue. Marketing Dynamics is working to bring in advertisers, media partners, and other revenue development endeavors. "These podcasts are great, complete with sound effects and an audio experience that is first rate, we will have no trouble attracting partners who want to reach the avid movie buff in the industry and who want to hear others talk about their favorite movies - without the fluff" says Andy Valadez, President and CEO of Marketing Dynamics.

Nuke your popcorn, order pizza or takeout, and listen to the podcast at: <HollywoodSaloon> Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

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