Saturday, July 19, 2008

In the Chase, the Need for Speed

"The Bub Streamliner 7" Fastest Motorcycle on Earth at 350.884 MPH - 9/5/06 Salt Flats at Bonneville

We recently picked up this client "Bub Racing" current record holder of the fastest motorcycle in the world (there is none faster) by "Jumping In". Marketing is about thinking strategically about the client/business and leveraging the company dynamics in creative ways that resonate and blow gusts in its path.

Many in business miss spectacular brand stories, because they are afraid to jump in and "chase" an opportunity. They want to sit and wait for something presented on their desk in a nice and tight package with a bow. In our current business climate, one can't sit and wait. We should always be active in the discovery of new Marketing opportunities. Companies are hurting, but there are plenty of ways to create Marketing coupes.

Gearing up for a deal like Bub Racing Enterprises puts many potential sponsors and advertisers in the realm of thinking fast and moving fast. The Marketing and brand opportunities associated with land speed records really gets the mind accelerating. I have had many fantastic conversations with production teams in Hollywood and elsewhere, Fortune 50 company representatives all over the U.S., and the client who has shared their vision and passion and their heart breaking history of smashing world records. It took Bub Racing 31 years to make history again. Denis has broken the record before in 1970 at 265.52 MPH with a Harley Davidson, Cal Rayburn, driver - his focus takes tenacity and guts.

Unique to this enterprise is that the official trials are quickly approaching scheduled for September 2-7, 2008 at the Bonneville Flats, Salt Lake City, UT (

We are calling on a few Fortune 50 companies and building a team of media and Marketing professionals who can leverage this feat. If we pull this off, we should see many mediums and showcases where Denis Manning, President of Bub Racing can share his vision of "championing a dream". Denis' team is focused on passing their own record this year at 375 MPH. We believe he and his team will do it!

What could this mean to the team and their sponsors/partners (extending their brand reach)?

Book Deals (already written by John Stein, can be reprinted to include sponsors)
DVD sales via top retailers (video of 2006 race and update 2008 planned)
Endorsement Deals - Chris Carr, Driver and Denis Manning, Founder
TV Talk Show Circuit (morning and night) - the big ones
Documentary of the raceoff Made for TV, Satellite, Internet, and Point of Purchase (plasma screen) showcases - production by Speed Vision and others
Bragging rights for its sponsors as being the best in the market, faster, safer, leaner, and meaner
Client relations (if you are there to share in the success, it will be something you and your family will never forget)
Merchandise sales (toys, clothing, etc.)
On-going marketing campaigns
Book placement in movies (planned)
A movie deal on his life
Trade show tours
This experience will make you dream again
and More!

If something like this excites you, call us to see how you can be a part or lend value to what we are working to create.

I read this book a couple of years ago. In my attempt to reach out to Mark Burnett Productions in Hollywood, I was able to connect with another production company that is very interested in the "Bub Story". Read this book and it will help you to "Jump In".

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