Monday, January 19, 2009

Red Carpet Premiere: "Paul Blart Mall Cop"

Kayla Valadez (left) with cousin Raini Rodriguez (right) at "Paul Blart Mall Cop" Premiere, Bryan, TX (1.16.09)

Child actress and young entrepreneur, Kayla Valadez attends the Red Carpet Premiere of "Paul Blart Mall Cop" in Bryan, Texas to celebrate her cousin Raini Rodriguez's success in Hollywood.

Kayla was excited to see her actress cousin Raini Rodriguez at her autograph signing table welcoming her fans. Kayla can't wait to share her "proof" with her friends at school, who have offered a little skeptism when she told them that her cousin was in the movie.

The local TV station KBTX interviewed Raini who has also appeared in the "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and has a contract to do two more feature films. See: TV Interview (click)

Also appearing at the premiere was Rico Rodriguez, Raini's younger brother, who has been featured in "Epic Movie", "ER", "Jimmy Kimmel Live", "iCarly", "Cory in the House", "Nip Tuck", and is schedule to star in "Opposite Day" releasing in 2009.

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