Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Steven Kay, Mr. Media, "Can you hear me?"

I love this photo of Steven. As soon as it was shot, I knew we had a hit. In reality, Steven is a modest guy and the title "Mr. Media" was given to him by a client. He doesn't taught this, but I thought it was appropriate given this image. Steven Kay is an emerging radio personality in the Houston market and growing his offerings. Go to to learn more. Please tell him you heard about him from the VORTEX!

Photography provided by Joe Heiliger ( Joe was interviewed on Steven's radio show "Life Business and Money, with Steven Kay" today. He is speaking on the importance of photography technology in business and in life. Mr. Heiliger is the VORTEX's personal photographer. Listen to his radio interview here: <Joe Heiliger> fast forward to last 20 minutes of interview stream.

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1 comment:

Kevin Price said...

I'm so glad I can't hear him sing through this picture! Seriously though, it is a great shot. Joe is an amazing photographer and I am glad he did my shots.