Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pay Your Children to Read Books and Raise Leaders

I recently attended the "Houston Business Expo" here in Houston, where Kirbyjon Caldwell, Jim McIngvale, Deborah Duncah, and Mayor Bill White spoke. Mr. Caldwell talked about one of his friends John Maxwell, a leadership training expert, noted for many successful books and corporate speaking engagments. In Mr. Caldwell's message, he cited Mr. Maxwell - "If you want to raise employees, pay your chidlren to do chores. If you want to raise leaders, pay your children to read books."

So, Kayla (my daughter) and I discussed this and came up with a program where she will get paid to read books. We also have decided on a negotiated price on the value of the book she reads. A $1 book would be very limited writing and many pictures, a $3 book would have more words and fewer photos, and $5 would be a thicker book, with lots of words. We haven't decided on a limit yet (who knows how many books she will want to read now).

Child Entrepreneur Kayla Valadez

Finally, a $10 book is a book that daddy and mommy want her to read that has more reading than she might be used to. In addition, we still want to instill the entrepreneurship spirit in her and other young children (if you have children, we hope you try this). So, we have started an on-line bookstore for all of the books that she reads that are available on for sale. She will be providing her review of each of her books and you and your family can decide if you want to puchase the book. If you have any business ideas for kids, please send them to Get caught up in The VORTEX!

We are paying Kayla $5 to read this book (she decided she wanted to make money (she will be writing a review on her blog when she is done with the book).

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