Saturday, June 7, 2008

Are you short-sighted or a long-term visionary?

God has given me the temperment for the long-term. I remember reading Robert Kiosoki's book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" where he wrote about the difference in thinking of wealthy people. They learned very early on not to work for money, but to work for wealth. So, are you working for money or wealth? Working for wealth can be very uncomfortable, while working for money can be very comfortable.

Having built and worked for successful companies, this discipline has been well entrenched (I love making money, but making it for others isn't so cool). I once took a client from $300K a year in sales to $5M in sales a year and $15M in total saves over a 4.5 year period. What I set in motion is still in play today for the client, but not for me. Lesson learned.

Three years ago, I was forced to diversify my interests and the division has been a tough journey. During the re-launch times, money is tight, but opportunities are great.

Interestingly, most business people view a "non-focused" approach as very dangerous. However, to me the danger is being too focused and so focused that one may miss opportunities. I believe that one can and should diversify and by converging those opportunities, they begin to leverage each other. Today I see that happening in many of my business interests in technology, real estate, radio and TV, movie making, working with authors and musicians, and more!

What I love about Marketing is that without Marketing, businesses go no where (you always have to Market your business and it is paid for somehow and some way). People are confused about what Marketing is and isn't. A Marketer's challenge is knowing the value of his contributions to the dynamics of the business model.

People find value in that expertise over time. So to all of the Marketers out there, keep building value and don't let the Market forget what you do. It is the Marketer's job to remember and make it happen! Finally, be sure to take an ownership position in most of what you build value in. Nothing like mailbox money (however small or large)!

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