Thursday, June 5, 2008

Big Day in a Small World

Expecting big days comes from within. Last night I told my wife, "I am looking forward to a big day." She asks "What do you have going on?" I said "Nothing yet, but it is going to be big."

Now, I have blogged about "A Day in the Life of a Strategic Marketer". I won't go into a lot of details here, but thought about a recap of today.

Today, I mailed a 5 Dove Award Screenplay "School of Redemption" to an associate producer who is friends with an Oscar Winning Director. He expressed interest and a desire for a great story and I happened to have one. It is now on its way via DHL to Fountain Valley, CA. We are excited about this great news.

In the mean time, another associate producer friend is working a connection to get that same screenplay to Tom Hanks, yes the Tom Hanks. Turns out that the movie making world can be small and it really gets down to who can and wants to help you. I have found, the more people you help, the more who are willing to help you. When your motives are pure, the doors open.

I also got to talk to the manager for Waylon Jennings (now deceased) and Jessi Colter about a project that may be of interest to the family. My wife advised me to attempt contact, well lo and behold I got right through. Turns out the manager has managed the Jennings's family business for over 17 years and welcomed my inquiry. No promises, but she said she would run my proposal by Jessi. I will let you know more about that project when I can disclose more.

The moral of this post is to dream bigger, think big, and make a call you might be afraid to make. You never know who may say yes. Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

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