Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Are Not Listening!

"What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant curiosity of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult." - Freud

Strategic Marketing opportunities are new discoveries. A way to connect with people or find ways that people can profitably use your product or service and champion your company for the way it engages the ebb and flow of your offering (the Market is always changing).

I talk to many clients about "market feedback" and new opportunities to leverage what they do. Immediate reactions often get in the way of successful implementation. "Oh! We can't do that" or "I am not equipped to handle that" or "We've never done it that way".

My response "You aren't listening!" I will revisit the opportunity over and over again until the client "Gets it!"

So many times, we get in the way of our own Market success! We just do. We have our own bias, limited thought, inability to put ourselves in the client's shoes and create a system that will make it easier to profitably add the model to our focused offering.

One recent example. I have a client who owns a vacation rental. After thinking about all of the amenities that make this place so unique, I discovered an idea that would make viral opportunities very plentiful and advertising virtually free.

The owner should leave a disposable camera for her guests to use while creating memories and enjoying their stay at her lovely property. The business would cover the cost of the camera, the development, postage, and send a copy of the guest's photos to them after their visit (with a special note). This would enable the owner to place those photos on-line digitally (with the guest's permission) as testimonial photos. The business would also create memory photo album that also stays on property for new guests to review.

The guests in turn could share their photos on-line with friends and family (a link back to the vacation rental would reinforce more visits to the property). She might even have a "memory contest" for the best stories from her guests about their stay. Little additions like these to her business model make it easier for her to successfully raise her prices over the years (which she has).

Most business people would first look at the cost of the additional process and over look the free advertising, goodwill, the key word search visibility that comes with this opportunity, and the brand enhancement that enables future clients to evaluate one more component that makes this business more intriguing over the competition.

A lot can be said for focus; however, if the Marketing opportunity affords you a way to increase differentiation in that sector, one should do it and entrench itself in that offering in creative and unique ways. This the value of Strategic Marketing. Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

What unique Marketing ideas have you done lately? Please comment.

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