Friday, April 24, 2009

"Generations in the Balance" an Evening with Military Ministry, a Division of Campus Crusade for Christ

Major General Bob Dees (US Army Retired), Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, and Lieutenant General Jeff Oster (USMC Retired)

What an incredible evening in Dallas, Texas, Thursday 4/23/2009. I was honored to attend a company of heroes at a banquet of supporters for Military Ministry, an organization on the front lines of helping our veterans at war and at home. Military Ministry is a divison of Campus Crusade for Christ and offers a variety of resources to help veterans in their service to our country. Major General Bob Dees, Executive Director, and his board of business and military professionals were on hand to welcome many of the attendees who had come to Dallas from all over the country.

The night showcased our veterans who serve our country selflessly to include former combat veterans who are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a Gold Star mom who shared her story and testimony, to prominent community leaders, other military and business benefactors. Norm Miller, CEO and Founder of Interstate Battery, a long time supporter, issued a check for $250,000 and offered to match that amount again within the next 120 days. Mr. Gene Birdwell, business owner and volunteer head of a PTSD organization donated $50,000 on behalf of his organization. Our friends Rick and Julie Fairchild were also in attendance.

LtCol Oliver North with company of U.S. Marines

Combat Marine and Author Donovan Campbell

Donovan Campbell is a Marine's Marine, serving three combat tours in the deadliest parts of Iraq and leading his platoon who suffered over 50% casualties, the highest rate since the Viet Nam war. He and his well-trained fighting force held their sector and he writes about their experience in his book "Joker One."

Former Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Gene Overstreet

SgtMaj Overstreet was my Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps when I served in the U.S. Marines. What an honor to meet the man in person. He was the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps during Desert Storm/Desert Shield and has an impressive service to his country and to his Marines. There is only one enlisted rank of Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps at a time, reserved for the best of the best among the enlisted ranks.

A Photo op with my hero LtCol Oliver North, USMC Retired

Finally, to culminate the evening, an opportunity to meet my hero and great American who prefers to be on the front lines in a company of heroes. LtCol North is an amazing man and continues to serve his country as a combat correspondent, news commentator, host of "War Stories" (airing on Fox News), and author of many books, most recently - "American Heroes."

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