Friday, April 17, 2009

Marketing in Tumultous Times

Are you hopeful about the future of your business or gloomy? Real marketers market in the good and bad times. If you are a business owner, you may find that you have to also wear the "marketer hat" too. When the seas get rough, old tactics may not work as well. People save their money, hunker down, and peak out into the storm to make their survival, needs-only, decisions. However, the brands that marketed during the sunny days are still remembered. If that is you, my hat is off to you. So, if you are facing tough times, you may need seek out marketing advice to survive. Typically, the companies that have healthy marketing plans are still capitalizing on their investments.

Here are a couple of quick things that you can do to get your brand more visibility:

  • Write and send a press release about what your company is doing (get some media coverage)

  • Invest in your on-line social media platform - many companies now offer this service

  • Start a mastermind group and partner with other people you respect to see how you can leverage each other's opportunities

  • Target your list of high-profile clients and focus on them (this list doesn't need to be very big, depends on the size of your company)

  • Take a client to lunch (proper etiquette is the one who invites, pays)

  • Let others in your network know that you have an immediate need

  • Think bigger and stretch out, start preparing for calmer seas now

  • Make a plan (now is the time to plan for your future success)

  • Identify new customers and new services to add to your existing programs

  • Change up your budget, many companies spending more money on-line

  • Go into learning mode - what do you really know about marketing? I guarantee it isn't enough. The market is always changing and there are new ideas to discover each day

  • Don't discount add more value to your offering!

  • Make friends with a real marketer

Andy Valadez is President of Marketing Dynamics, a strategic marketing enterprise helping its clients to leverage their unique business opportunities. His company has served many media personalities, leaders in technology, construction and real estate, racing, film, music, publishers, not-for-profits, and emerging companies. You can find out more about Marketing Dynamics by visiting: Mr. Valadez is a graduate of Texas A&M University (Marketing) and Tulane University (Applied Business) and served honorably in United States Marine Corps (Desert Shield/Desert Storm). He is happily married to his wife and girlfriend of 27 years, Tina, and has two beautiflul girls, Kayla (8) and Kenna (5).

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