Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Money Train" with K-Diamondz

Met Kelan (K-Diamondz) on-line. After reviewing his website and his focus, I wanted to alert my readers to this rising star. "Money Train", K-Diamondz' next CD will be a big accomplishment for his emerging label "Street Pop, Inc.". Kelan says he wants to convey a positive message for the street culture helping them to discover alternative ways to monetary success, away from the drug culture and the narrow path of sports. Kelan wants to reflect what is hot on the street and his sound does just that. Read K-Diamondz bio to read about the hard work and smart strategy he is employing as he puts his label on the map. See: Buy his current CD and "Take it high, take it low, drop the top, drive slow". Get caught up in the VORTEX!

I will be interviewing K-Diamondz (Kelan) on one of my Podcasts.

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