Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Way of the Empty Hand, Martial Arts and Business

I have been taking Karate for going on two years with GKR Karate (one of the world's largest federations). I teach a class on Tuesday nights and realize that my training and instruction has helped me in business. I have read countless stories from other martial artists who have seen dramatic improvements in their self-esteem, health, confidence, and relationships (knowing when to sever and nurture them). Marketers are warriors. The battle for the mind could be one mind or millions. A Marketer must prepare himself for every situation and be prepared to win or handle defeat with honor and respect for the opponent. As a former marine, student of politics and military history, Marketer, and father and husband, I must be prepared to champion, defend, and celebrate the life I have been called to live. As a warrior Marketer, I have learned to tolerate the shortcomings of others and to work on my own. I have also learned to lead when others won't. As I tell my students, the way of the "empty hand" is not of the "empty mind" (we must be constantly learning). Marketing is strategy and the better Marketer wins! Get caught up in the VORTEX!

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