Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ordinary, Average, Every Day Super Hero!

I love what I do. As a kid, I wanted to be Batman, the Lone Ranger, Popeye, Superman, Captain America, and Mr. Fantastic! The good guys always won and saved people from destruction and the bad guys faced justice.

One of my favorite memories is a cap gun shoot out I had with my father, cousins, and uncles. Smoke and pops signaled that the good guys were winning (that was my posse)! Of course, we were all wounded but we lived to fight another day. We still have heroes among us! I loved the movie "The Incredibles" and once teased our girls that mommy and daddy really were "super heroes". The look in their eyes really grabbed my heart as they looked up in a moment of genuine belief, that we just might be "super heroes". Sorry to say, they figured it out that we were not. But, the more I thought about it, I realized that we are and we were teaching them to become remarkable people!

Bare with me. As Marketers (this blog is written for Marketers), we have a chance to stand for good, to communicate great brands that make life better for others, to get monumental things done that seem super human, to promote family causes, protect the elderly, and inspire people to be their best, etc. Keep in mind that I am strongly conservative, believe in lower taxes, more freedom, pro-traditional family (the fabric of a healthy society), pro-life (protecting the unborn), pro-criminal justice (i.e., the death penalty for violent criminals), and avoid political correctness. We need more super heroes in these times. Ordinary, Average, Every Day Super Heros! Get caught up in the VORTEX!

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