Saturday, April 28, 2007

"The Steed" Performs at Bohemeo's - Houston

The Steed

Had a great night last night reviewing and supporting this up and coming band. The venue Bohemeo's. I have known of Brand Turner, Musician and Lead Singer, for a while and have been amazed at his talent. The band is incredible with the ability to cross many genres and a represent a variety of sounds and hints from Tool, King Crimson, Volta do Mar, ELP, Traffic, Prince, Aerosmith (the early days), and the vocal hints of Neil Young. The band describes their sound as "Where heaven meets the gutter." I am asking "The Steed" to help me on a movie project I am working on. Get caught up in The VORTEX!

Lead Singer Brandon Turner

Other Band Members: Chad Davis, Guitar (middle),
Nathan Vanderford, Bass (right), and Josh Wallis, Drums

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