Saturday, June 18, 2011

An EBC Podcast Interview with Larry Haines, President of Road Home Builders on "Insuladd"

I had an opportunity to interview Larry Haines for one of our companies The Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company for "The Entrepreneur Channel".  Larry is the President of Road Home Builders, LLC and is introducing Insuladd to the Texas and Louisiana market via his subsidiary company, an energy technology and conservation builder enterprise, Sunconomy.

Insuladd is an incredible space-age product that can be used to dramatically bring down temperatures in the home or commercial structures.  It is an insulated ceramic powder, that when mixed with paint creates a thermal barrier on or in the home (depends on where you apply the paint) to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Listen to the interview here on Cinchcast:

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Joanna Sanchez Seminars - Acting, Producing, Talent, Film & Television

An interview with Veteran Acting Coach, Producer and Actress Joanna Sanchez (IMDB link).  Joanna will be coming to Houston 5.21.11 thru 5.22.11 to teach her students fresh from the front-lines of Hollywood.  Listen to the interview here:  Joanna Sanchez (podcast on 

To book your class visit her website.  Pricing $100 for private (1hr) on 5.21.11 and $150 for the 5.22.11 class (one class for children and one for adults). Visit:

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Screenwriter for "Windcatcher" Jane L. Fitzpatrick to be Interviewed on Spotlight Radio On-line 4.5.11

Tune-in on-line Tuesday, 4.5.11 at 8PM CST to hear an interview with the writer of "Windcatcher: The Story of the Birdwoman" on "Spotlight" with Glenda Rovito on Jane will explain how she got interested in this story, became a screenwriter, and the journey of discovery and support for this film.

Here is the actual link to listen:

Please share with your friends on-line who are interested in knowing more about this production. From the producer of "Anna and the King".

Jane is taking other interviews. Please contact Andy Valadez, Marketing Producer, at 713.560.3348 or by e-mail at

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Broadcasting Live: 7th Annual Houston Business Expo

EBC Broadcast will be attending the 7th Annual Houston Business Expo by Houston Networking News in Houston, Texas.

Tune-in here at 10am to 2PM CST!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Machete" Premiere - Austin, Texas

The Austin premiere of "Machete" 9/2/10 was sold out!  The film did over $14M over the Labor Day weekend, putting it at #2 for feature films released nationally over the 4-day weekend (hope you got 4 days) - Source:

I have had a chance to review the feature two other times since the premiere. I liken it to "Eating a bag of Skittles at one time.  You know it isn't good for you, but you can't help it.  It was that good." 

The reviews are all over the board from ecstatic to disappointed (you can't make everybody happy).  Cinema lovers and afficionados will laud the feature for its plausible plots, timeliness of the subject matter (although by accident - the film has been in the making for over 16 years), music, and a male-focused action-driven story line.  Not being sexist here, but my wife has normally refused to see films like this with me, until now.

"Machete gets the girls" too! For the most part, my guess is that the ladies will want to see what all the fuss is about.  The film features Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, and lots more. So, is it a guy flick or a chick flick? 

My wife and I, have a date this afternoon to catch a matinee in Houston, Texas.  She couldn't resist my description of the premiere and the film thus far. So, she is throwing caution to the wind and entering into theatre to experience a "film for the history books".  This is a film you want to see in the theatre, watching it on DVD won't be the same.

I was suprised to see that Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Electra Avellan, Jeff Fahey attend the premier.  The film opened in Venice, Italy the night before.  Of course the Director Robert Rodriguez and Co-writer, Alvaro Rodriguez along with other cast and crew were at the premiere signing autographs and mingling with the fans of Trouble Makers Studios and the actors.

There is some controversy over the film and the jury is out as to whether it will qualify for the Texas Film Commission tax rebate.  I think it should, this film could only be made in Texas.

                                 "Machete" Director Robert Rodriguez

"Machete" - Actor Danny Trejo

            My Business Partner Jim (doesn't he look happy?) and Actress Michelle Rodriguez ("Luz")

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Feature Film (pre-production): Windcatcher: The Story of the Birdwoman

We just launched the new movie webstie for "Windcatcher" movie, written by Jane L. Fitzpatric, Screenwriter and being produced by veteran movie producer Ed Elbert (Producer of "Anna and the King").

The feature film will be a historically accurate portrayl of the life and influence of Sacagawea, The Birdwoman, Windcatcher.

For more details about the film, visit:

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Machete" Interview with Alvaro Rodriguez, Co-writer of "Machete" on CBS Radio

Kirby Lammers guest hosts for Kevin Price, radio personality for "American Lifestyles", and interviews screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez, Co-writer of "Machete" Directed by Robert Rodriguez of Trouble Maker Studios in Austin. The movie stars Robert De Niro, Lindsa Lohan, Danny Trejo, Steven Segal, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Jeff Fahey, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jessica Alba.

"Machete" releases everywhere 9/3/10.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Recording Session with JUDGE, "When They Close the Box" - Faith Recording Studios

We enjoy working with entertainers, musicians, and filmmakers. We had an opportunity to coordinate a recording session for JUDGE at Faith Recording Studios in Houston, Texas. Country Singer JUDGE re-recorded a song written by veteran Nashville singer/songwriter Bill Nash of Nash 3. We created a music video to capture the experience. We hope you enjoy it.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

"Machete" Premier in Austin 9/2

The next Robert Rodriguez movie "Machete" releases nationwide on 9/3.  We will attend the premier with Alvaro Rodriguez, Co-writer for this project at the Austin Premier at Paramount Theater on Thursday, 9/2.  The after party will be held at Austin Studios.  You can read a recent interview with the writer and more violent movie trailer at this link (must be over 18):  Interview

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