Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marketing Influence and Being Sociable

Article submssion by Andy Valadez/StealthMarketer

Everyone markets something. I enjoy reading posts from my Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIN friends, and fellow bloggers. I try not to be a "lurker," but due to the shear volume of posts it is impossible to reply, "like" or RT all updates. I do enjoy skimming and that is more a less a best practice by some of the best. It's a great way to get a pulse of the emotional climate of the "socialrati" (a word I made up a while back).

If the "new currency" is influence (not really new) then how is that "influence" being marketed? Are you using your influence effectively to impact lives and change the course of business interests for others, positively?How do you process your requests for help or assistance? Do you process or honor your requests well?

A business friend was surprised to hear me say that "Social Media" isn't Marketing, It is Public Relations, a tactical component of Marketing and it is a Market Research loop. Marketers should love feedback from their clients, customers and be prepared to sift through relevant feedback that affects the brand. Social media enables marketers the ability to engage with segments of their market in truly unique ways.

Back to influence. It has been said that "Leadership is using one's influence." So, Market Leadership is about using your company's influence in the marketplace. Here are a few tips that may help.

Strategic Marketes practice and teach their partners, clients and friends the following:

  • Use mulitple ways to engage your influence leaders (i.e., phone calls, e-mails, in-person meetings, IMs, RT, thoughtful replies to posts, creative content to position your own personality into the equation, etc). Old school is still the new school.

  • Be friendly and responsive to all requests (don't blow people off, get back to them somehow and someway - only applies to direct requests and personal communiques). If you can't do it, then get someone on your team help out.

  • Use your influence. Use it or lose it. There are simple things we can do everyday that helps to bring value to others. Don't worry too much about a reputation you may not have (we really aren't that important when it gets down to it, one of us could die today). Helping others is a great reputation to have.

  • Make mistakes. Experiment. That is really how we learn.

  • Have fun. Don't take yourself too seriously.

  • Take a business friend to lunch. The proper ettiquette is that if you invite, you pay.

  • Return all of your calls and reply to your e-mails. Too often people miss so many opportunities, simply because they never got back to the person who initiated the dialogue.

  • Frequency is good. People need to hear from you more often than not.

  • Don't be a pest. Don't stalk someone down to the point that they don't want to deal with you.

  • Be persistent. "Persistence is a virtue". Being a pest is a fine line. If you have the right opportunity, your client or contact will appreciate your persistency.

  • Don't be passive aggressive. Review all opportunities and reply in a timely fashion. Word gets around and people do talk and that is a reputation that is hard to shake.

  • Don't text while driving. It's rampant and people are dying on the roads. Your messages aren't that important.

  • It's okay to let some opportunities go if you did your part and the other person never got back to you. Not everyone is responsible as you might be when it comes to new opportunities.

  • Dont' get too big for your britches. Success breeds success, but we are never too big to be inconsiderate to others. Be a champion in business and you will inspire others to do the same.

  • Learn to love and forgive. That is a great business practice that will never change.

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