Friday, March 19, 2010

Marketing Opportunities Everywhere!

By Andy Valadez, Stealth Marketer

Note: Within an hour or two of this blog posting @JohnCMaxwell followed me on Twitter. That is powerful.

There are days when I have a hard time deciding which opportunities to pursue with our team. Opportunities are everywhere, if you are looking and responding. Certainly, these are tough times, but how we handle them will determine our future success. Tough times require more discipline and endurance.

There is an old saying in the military, "A pint of sweat, will save a gallon of blood".

The challenge is to stretch one's leadership range and breadth while building a team to handle the bandwith. Are we the best leaders we can be? Probably not, we can always improve.

In "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" there is the first law of leadership, referenced by the author John C. Maxwell (renowned leadership expert), that references "The Law of the Lid". He states "Leadership ability determines a person's level of effectiveness." He also advises, that everyone leads somebody at some level. So, we should all want to raise our leadership lid.

Old Proverb:
"He who thinks he is leading, but has no followers, is only taking a walk".

So, how does one remain focused while expanding their market leadership?

I was commenting to one of my clients/friends this week, a successful comic book creator with over 1.5M copies in circulation and over 8M readers, "That we don't want to be busy (everybody is busy just ask them), we want to make an impact and we want to be available to do the things that inspire us and others. The journey is part of the story. We want to be the 'quiet in the eye of the storm'".

We have killed the word "busy" in our organization. We are making an impact, that sounds better and means so much more. Every call, every e-mail is an opportunty to make an impact. Do it!

We celebrated the journey at a local neighborhod coffee shop restaurant (laptops open on St. Patrick's Day (our lucky day)), focusing on our market research for his movie project that has already gotten the interest of two major Hollywood studios and other key supporters.

The overwhelming excitement? The numbers are very much in his favor! From 2007 thru 2009, 53% of the top 10 movies were comic-based, animation or 3D (we didn't count Avatar). The average movie budget was $161M with box office sales of over $890M in worldwide ticket sales (Source: From compiled research, This market research identifies a unique market leadership opportunity for his long-term interests. It's the exact information that we need to relay to the opinion leaders who will make the big decisions in his favor.

This got me motivated to suggest we go share a "green beer" at the local pub. While there, my beautiful wife joined us and my client couldn't contain his excitement on the developments - we are on mission!!

As a business owner, marketer, friend, and community participant, we need to focus on the things that matter. The things that will make a long-term impact and ultimately lead to greater influence and success. That is a journey and we never really arrive, but there are milestones along the way. Take time to celebrate them.

". . .a lizard can be caught by the hand, but can be found in king's palaces."
Proverbs 30:28

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Monday, March 1, 2010

An Updated Message from the Producers of "Courageous" the Movie

We are big fans of Sherwood Pictures, creators of "Flywheel", "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof". We are looking forward to viewing "Courageous" the movie and the impact of its message on fathers and their famiies. We hope you like this update from Alex and Stephen Kendrick of Sherwood Pictures.

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