Friday, February 12, 2010

Jodie Goes to Sturgis: The Last Free American (A lifestyle documentary)

Jodie on a 2010 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe (At Stubbs Cycle - Houston, Texas)

By Andy Valadez, StealthMarketer

"The EZ Rider Story for the Next Generation"

Our marketing company is constantly looking for clients and opportunities with a unique story. Our mission is to showcase great companies that support the free enterprise system, a unique culture that encourages dialogue and creativity, and that make lives dramatically better. We want to know if the opportunity will expand our brand if we support it and if it will help our other clients. Just like the saying in the U.S. Marines, "we are only look for a few good men." In this case, we have uncovered the plight of many good women who have suffered domestic abuse.

Sometimes, one does not have to look very far to find an opportunity. One of our sectors of interest is film and documentaries. Our focus in film is dedicated to championing stories of the Christian faith, Americana, history, redemptive qualities, in animation, support our military, and amazing stories of overcoming adversity.

One such story is the story of Joanne "Jodie" Flores (43). Jodie is an amazing survivor. She left home at the age of 17, pregnant with her first born refusing to abort as was common then. She married a young man only to find that he was not in love with her. She re-married shortly after and traveled with her husband who ahd joined the Army.

She journeyed with her new husband to Germany and found herself in a abusive situation. She suffered the abuse for many years with her first born and later second child in a foreign country. She managed to convince her husband to allow her to pursue her education. The benefit he saw, was the dual income possibility. She chose to study the medical field and excelled in her studies to the point that she was able to break free from that relationship once she got stateside.

As a single mom, she oftend had to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. Her ex-husband oftened failed to send child support over the course of months and years. Her boys Edward and Joshua grew under her care. She had to be both father and mother to them.

When Edward became of age, he volunteered to serve in the Army as a tank mechanic and was quickly shipped overseas to fight in the "war on terror." She prayed for her son's safe return and never stopped worrying for him and the others who served in harm's way.

Jodie finally got to a great point in her life, a time of pride and celebration. She had bought a home, had a great job in her chosen profession. She enjoyed caring for her patients, saving lives in emergency care and caring for family and friends at their death bed, many who were dealing with the ravages of cancer.

In 2003, her dream came to an end when a felon with a long record of offenses attacked her and then went for her juvenile son Joshua. She put a stop to the attack and ultimately escpaed the situation. She lived to tell the tale and her culprit almost didn't make it. In an interesting twist of events, the felon pressed charges against her and wanted her to pay his medical bills. Meanwhile, he began to stalk her. Fortunately, she found employment that allowed her to travel the state where she resided. She stopped having to look over her shoulder.

In 2005, Jodie discoverd the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. She trained at Harley Davidson driving school, rented a Harley Davidson motorcycle, loaded a tent, road food and a sleeping bag, and headed for the open highway. She found a new love - motorcycles and the people she met along the way.

She then moved to the great state of Texas to start her life over.

On 8.6.10 we plan to document Jodie's ride to sturgis and plan several surprises for Jodie. We will be asking the people we meet "What does it mean to be an American?"

We want to encourage people to leave their past behind and answer the call of "The last free American!" We believe that no one wants to be the last free American.


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