Saturday, February 28, 2009

Convergence & Integration of Media, Business, & Entertainment

It's been a while since I have written a personal update on my company. Here lately, I have been in the chase. Working with various clients to leverage our strategic marketing opportunities and upstarts. I have been working with a team of people in several key sectors to include technology, radio and TV, on-line broadcasting, movie making, music, racing, not-for-profits, and more. We are "chronic entrepeneurs" and in these times, I am advising my clients to "Diversify, diversify, diversify!"

Still, I get questions from prospective clients "What do you do?" My answer? We are a Strategic Marketing firm using the principles of Marketing to leverage our client's interests. Those principles work for any company, in any industry. Strategic Marketing is more than advertising, PR, Sales, logo or web design, networking, or blogging. The strategy behind all of these tactics should be orchestrated by the Marketing Strategy. Integration and convergence will be critical in the future. As a Strategic Marketer, I see the sectors mentioned above coming together and helping to position brands and business models in a variety of ways.

How we make money? By focusing on helping our clients make money, we make money by retainer, project, revenue sharing, and joint venturing with the right clients. Marketing Dynamics currently has a portoflio of over $250M of initiatives in development.

Here is a quick list of clients we are working with (not all-inclusive):

Kingdom Racing ( - Indy Racing
AllAccessLive ( - HD Web Broadcasting and Venues
Horsepower and Heels ( - Drag Racer Erica Ortiz
Unveiling Records ( - representing over 2,500 indie music artists
"Archangels" ( - working on the animated movie
"Price of Business" with Kevin Price ( - launching a new initiative with his platform
"The CEO Show" with Sheila Harrison - a TV show interviewing successful CEOs on the Phonoscope Network
Over 25 feature films in development and a niche film company in upstart stage - $180M in total budgets
10 TV show concepts in development in business, health, and sports related for TV, Web, and Satellite
The Kingdom Assignment ( - my client and friends Denny & Leesa Bellesi host "The WELL DONE Awards" ( and "The American Idol Minsitry" serving the contestants of "The American Idol"
Lovell-Fairchild Communications ( - an excellent alliance with the company that helped Market the #1 Indie Film of 2008 "Fireproof" (
Kayla Ventures ( - an experimentation in child entrepreneurship, helping parents to discover ways to help their kids in business and acting.
"Bub Streamliner 7" - ( - world recording-holding motorcycle racing
Open Door Mission ( - developing a mentoring model to help the homeless by brining in speakers and mentors

Due to the nature of the elements of our client interests, Marketing Dynamics maintains several key relationships in these sectors to expand opportunities to include sponsors and advertisers, technology partners, producers, directors, talent agencies, SES & SEO Marketing, media buying, developing investor network, animators, writers, photographers, and key decision makers.

You can find me on, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo,, Technorati, Digg,, YouTube, GabCast, on the radio, etc. Let's make Marketing history! Now do you know what we do? Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

On Mission, On Assignment, and in The ZONE!

Andy Valadez

Please ask about our initial consultation model, that makes it easy to integrate into our dynamic platform(s). Yes we do the traditional Marketing stuff, but times have changed and so should your Marketing model.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


From our friends at Lovell-Fairchild Communications.

Number One CBA-Soundscan Video . . . Ever

NASHVILLE—Feb. 5, 2009—FIREPROOF debuted on DVD on Tuesday, January 27, and by week’s end sales in Christian bookstores alone had broken the previous DVD sales record from 2004 set by Jonah, A VeggieTales Movie.

With this achievement, Sherwood Pictures—the production arm of Sherwood Church in Albany GA—holds three of the top five spots on the Christian DVD chart: Facing the Giants is no. 2; Flywheel is no. 5.

FIREPROOF opened in 839 theaters at no. 4 in the nation and was the number one independent film in theatrical release in 2008 as well as one of the top highest-grossing Christian films—along with Narnia and Amazing Grace—since The Passion of Christ.

“These record-setting sales at Christian retail stores, after a highly successful theatrical run, confirms that there is a large audience hungry for content that encourages in these difficult times and feeds the need for products that reflect their faith and lifestyle,” Terry A. Hemmings, president and CEO of Provident Music Group, said. “We’re thankful for our partnership with Sherwood Pictures and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. It took a tremendous effort from everyone involved to achieve these unprecedented numbers.”

Bob Rubin, executive vice president for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, which distributed the DVD at mass-market retail, said, "We are thrilled with the response both at Christian retail and mass-market retailers. This strong sales performance is especially impressive in light of today's economic climate and clearly indicates a broad market for faith-based entertainment. We are delighted that FIREPROOF resonates so well with its audience."

FIREPROOF, marketed by Provident Films and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Affirm Films, is the story of a fireman, Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron), who can save strangers but not his own marriage. The Love Dare, a book/plot device in the movie, also a book by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, topped the New York Times Advice Paperback list for 14 weeks at nos. 1 or 2. After 18 weeks, it still ranks no. 5.

Now in time for Valentine’s Day and National Marriage Month, Christian bookstores across the nation are selling the exclusive Christian retail version of the FIREPROOF DVD—The Special Collector’s Edition— which contains all the bonus material sold outside the Christian market plus 32 minutes of CBA-only material: a movie-production video blog, bringing behind-the-scenes to life; “Fun with Mr. Rudolph” (film fans know Caleb Holt’s next door neighbor); additional firehouse commentary from Wayne (Caleb’s fellow fire fighter), and the Casting Crowns video of the movie’s hit song, Slow Fade.

Churches, therapists, Sunday school groups, and organizations already are purchasing site licenses for group showings of the movie famous for myriad reports of marriages strengthened and couples reunited after taking in the movie’s message.

FIREPROOF is the third movie from Sherwood Pictures, headed by Sherwood Church Senior Pastor Michael Catt, Executive Pastor Jim McBride, and Ministers Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick. Sherwood’s first film, Flywheel, in 2004, has sold 200,000-plus DVDs. Its second, Facing the Giants, in 2006, earned $10.1 million at the box office and has sold more than 1.6 million DVDs in 58 countries (14 languages).

Written by brothers Alex (director) and Stephen Kendrick (producer), and with a 1,200-member cast and crew, FIREPROOF stars an all-volunteer cast of almost all first-time actors.

FIREPROOF is dubbed in Spanish and has subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Arabic. The movie’s total running time is 1 hour and 58 minutes.

For more information and to download photos, go to:

Nashville-based Provident Films, specializing in grassroots marketing, is a division of Provident Music Group and designed to produce and distribute faith-based films. Provident Music Group, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, is one of the world’s leading Christian entertainment companies. Provident Music Group operates under the umbrella of Sony Music Nashville and comprises Provident Label Group, Provident Films (designed to produce and distribute faith-based films), Essential Music Publishing and Provident-Integrity Distribution.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. SPE is a division of Sony Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE's global operations encompass motion picture production and distribution; television production and distribution; digital content creation and distribution; worldwide channel investments; home entertainment acquisition and distribution; operation of studio facilities; development of new entertainment products, services and technologies; and distribution of filmed entertainment in more than 100 countries. Sony Pictures Entertainment can be found on the World Wide Web at

"Hollywood Premiere Fireproof"

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