Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bub Racing World's Fastest Motorcycle Wind Tunnel Tests

See wind tunnel tests of this Streamliner world record holder

This is an incredible video! We are currently seeking sponsors for the next world record - 400 MPH. Bub Racing currently holds the world record for the fastest motorcycle at 350.884 MPH reached September 2007. This time next year the team at Bub Racing plans to be at the Bonneville salt flats of Utah for their next world record. We are currently contacting a few Fortune 100 companies for sponsorship, but would welcome your inquiry. This test result proved a .08 wind co-efficient (zero is no resistance), the lowest score ever posted for this wind tunnel. NASCAR race cars pull over .25. "This is the reason our motorcycle can reach the speeds it does" says Denis Manning, President and Founder of Bub Racing. Please call Marketing Dynamics. Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Houston Real Estate Media Sales and Marketing Position

Are you looking for a challenge and an opportunity to get involved in real estate? We can put you in front of Houston’s top realtors and builders with our media platform that includes two successful magazines, two radio shows, on-line blog resources, use of digital photography, public relations and news, and streaming video of interviews of top real estate professionals. We would be happy to e-mail you a job description and review your resume for consideration. Call Andy at 713.560.3348 or Steve at 832.419.2814 to learn more. E-mail:

You set your own hours (full or part-time), work from home, we provide the training and the contacts. Depending on the nature of the sale, you may meet from time to time with key decision-makers. Professional appearance in those situations is a must; however, face-to-face not required. This may be your opportunity to be a part of the new media and get your foot in the door of the Houston real estate market. There is also an opportunity to take on a leadership position and oversee a sales team with your expertise, leadership, and goals-oriented approach.

We are looking for the right sales candidate or team member. Be creative in how you approach us - i.e., YouTube, Podcast, photography, etc.

Location: Greater Houston
Compensation: This offer is commission based with opportunities to earn performance bonuses.
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Threading the Needle

It is a great Saturday morning. My girls are in the kitchen drawing and my lovely wife is making breakfast (I am indeed a lucky guy, 27 years later). Of course, I am making a few postings on Twitter and just answered a LinkedIn request from my friend Lataya Ballard. Getting ready to read a chapter from "Become a Better You" by Joel Olsteen. My wife and I are excited about reading this book together.

What is "threading the needle"? "Threading the needle" to me is doing the seemingly impossible. Business ownership and creating successful Marketing campaigns is like "threading the needle". The odds are always against you, your campaign, or strategic plan. One has to be very fluid in today's business climate.

What is your biggest challenge? What dream can you envision for your company and what will it take to make that happen? I am a dreamer. I love dreaming big dreams and acting on them. The thrill of the chase of making a big call, floating a big idea, and leveraging opportunities inspires me. As a Marketer, our goals are to sway public opinion, change patterns of behavior, and impact the world. How one does that is by "threading the needle".

It may take years to "thread the needle". Do you have the temperment for that? We have to look for patterns and connections that could help us to create something truly remarkable. A phone call leads to an e-mail, that gets the attention of someone totally unrelated to the objective at hand - remember to avoid small minds. Two years later it all circles back and now you know why and how to make the "needle thread". Shazaam!

A quick example. My wild motorcyle riding sister "Jodie" visited our family last year and convinced us to attend the International Motorcycle Exhibition show here in Houston. I reluctantly agreed (I was busy). I figured I could work and be with family at the same time and my family needed to get out, so we ventured.

I took my video camera with me and was able to get in as part of the media because of my involvement with a local business radio show (the psychology of presentation is critical, by having a press badge (if you blog you are part of the press these days), people are more willing to talk to you openly - try it sometime). Of course, I had no "press" reservations so I had to do some fast talking, but the lady who ran the event was young and hip and she let me in (she was fluid) and introduced me around (how cool is that).

My girls went and looked at the cool bikes (a few pics here). I was in the hunt, looking for opportunities (they are everywhere, you have to be looking for them) and would circle back with my girls and update them on all of the cool interviews I was capturing. Well, I had a chance to meet motorcycle racer builder Denis Manning (see his intervew) who recently broke the world's record at 350 MPH (and many others).

After meeting Denis, I continued to mull on a few ideas a year later and called up his daughter-in-law to discuss a few ideas (it is important to be great on the phone, expect to communicate well). She asked me to put those thoughts in an e-mail. Well, I waited a few months (sometimes you have to let some projects stew) and fired off one hell of an e-mail (it is important to think through your e-mails, make it short, compelling and exciting). Well, I got a call from Denis yesterday and he was very happy about his plans to break the record again next year and confided in a few interesting details about his strategy to break the new record.

This discussion opened up the other possibilities for a few other non-related projects in film, racing, and advertising that we are working on (it is amazing how one project helps another). The "long-thread" of the needle will enable more opportunities to be sewn up. So keep "threading the needle".

Warning: I am convinced that far too many people are "too focused" (narrow minded) and miss opportunities. If this is you, learn to be like water and flow.

"Be water my friend" - Bruce Lee

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Marketer's Mission

My mission in life is to further the dialogue on the value of Marketing. Companies will always, always need to Market.

Many companies pride themselves on never having to Market, but growing their business by word-of-mouth (a company that soley relies on this age old, tried and true formula will miss opportunities along the way). While they are purposely not Marketing their company, someone else is and growing their share of the Marketplace.

To be certain, take a look at successful companies and one wonders "Why do successful companies Market?" Successful brands stay fresh and relevant through Market research, pricing incentives, changes in design and packaging, distribution opportunities (from door-to-door delivery, to internet, to brick and mortar), reminding customers to buy their products via advertising campaigns or news, developing innovative promotion strategies, product placement in movies or other art (i.e., you may hear of products in songs or see it in a painting), sponsoring events, creating a clothing line (i.e., Harley Davidson), writing a book, etc.

There are literally tens of thousands of ways to Market one's company, but being versed in the principles of Marketing are key. Technology makes it easier to reach populations groups, but one can technologically communicate the wrong message, to the wrong group, at the wrong time, the wrong way.

Successful companies Market because growing the Market requires it. Whether your company wants to break the $1M, $10M, $100M, or $1B dollar revenue mark, most leading companies realize that they need a strategically developed Marketing approach that will leverage opportunities for the enterprise.

Word of mouth is great, but your customers, employees, vendors, and competitors need something to talk about and that is where Marketing comes into play.

What is your definition of Marketing? Please post your take.

Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Are you short-sighted or a long-term visionary?

God has given me the temperment for the long-term. I remember reading Robert Kiosoki's book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" where he wrote about the difference in thinking of wealthy people. They learned very early on not to work for money, but to work for wealth. So, are you working for money or wealth? Working for wealth can be very uncomfortable, while working for money can be very comfortable.

Having built and worked for successful companies, this discipline has been well entrenched (I love making money, but making it for others isn't so cool). I once took a client from $300K a year in sales to $5M in sales a year and $15M in total saves over a 4.5 year period. What I set in motion is still in play today for the client, but not for me. Lesson learned.

Three years ago, I was forced to diversify my interests and the division has been a tough journey. During the re-launch times, money is tight, but opportunities are great.

Interestingly, most business people view a "non-focused" approach as very dangerous. However, to me the danger is being too focused and so focused that one may miss opportunities. I believe that one can and should diversify and by converging those opportunities, they begin to leverage each other. Today I see that happening in many of my business interests in technology, real estate, radio and TV, movie making, working with authors and musicians, and more!

What I love about Marketing is that without Marketing, businesses go no where (you always have to Market your business and it is paid for somehow and some way). People are confused about what Marketing is and isn't. A Marketer's challenge is knowing the value of his contributions to the dynamics of the business model.

People find value in that expertise over time. So to all of the Marketers out there, keep building value and don't let the Market forget what you do. It is the Marketer's job to remember and make it happen! Finally, be sure to take an ownership position in most of what you build value in. Nothing like mailbox money (however small or large)!

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Board Level Influence and Yes Dynamics

Had an epiphany to seek the assistance from a non-profit homeless shelter I support. Decided to approach the Executive Director to see if he would be interested in a supporting a top shelf movie project I am working on. The proposition was this: if he could ask his board members to help me get my movie funded through their connections, I could in turn make a contribution to the organization and also create a documentary on their excellent track record (paid for out of those proceeds).

Well, after a few questions and answers, it looks like we will be presenting to the board. This board is comprised of very influential business people with a heart for the homeless and very influential in business in this city. So, we are looking forward to their review of our proposal.

What was interesting, is the timing of my inquiry. The mission was already interested in looking at the possibility of a documentary. I really believe "not-for-profits" operate in a unique plane of existence and are open to oppportunities and ideas. I rarely find this in a traditional business. It is almost like they are programmed to say "no" and speaking to a VP can be like speaking the the "VP of NO!". Companies should be more fluid and explore all opportunities and sadly, return calls (rarely do people return calls these days). The answer should be "not now", "wait", "maybe", or "let's move and move quickly". Get caught up in The VORTEX!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Big Day in a Small World

Expecting big days comes from within. Last night I told my wife, "I am looking forward to a big day." She asks "What do you have going on?" I said "Nothing yet, but it is going to be big."

Now, I have blogged about "A Day in the Life of a Strategic Marketer". I won't go into a lot of details here, but thought about a recap of today.

Today, I mailed a 5 Dove Award Screenplay "School of Redemption" to an associate producer who is friends with an Oscar Winning Director. He expressed interest and a desire for a great story and I happened to have one. It is now on its way via DHL to Fountain Valley, CA. We are excited about this great news.

In the mean time, another associate producer friend is working a connection to get that same screenplay to Tom Hanks, yes the Tom Hanks. Turns out that the movie making world can be small and it really gets down to who can and wants to help you. I have found, the more people you help, the more who are willing to help you. When your motives are pure, the doors open.

I also got to talk to the manager for Waylon Jennings (now deceased) and Jessi Colter about a project that may be of interest to the family. My wife advised me to attempt contact, well lo and behold I got right through. Turns out the manager has managed the Jennings's family business for over 17 years and welcomed my inquiry. No promises, but she said she would run my proposal by Jessi. I will let you know more about that project when I can disclose more.

The moral of this post is to dream bigger, think big, and make a call you might be afraid to make. You never know who may say yes. Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

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Living Life to the Fullest and Highest

We are proud of our friend Sheila Oschner. Sheila skydives on her 40th birthday! Keep in mind that she has two beautiful children waiting on the ground, cheering her on. Hubby Barry Ocshner plans to do the same on his 40th. The CEO and President of this operation can never be on the same plane in a skydive freefall for the sake of their two stakeholders. Happy Birthday Sheila! Get caught up in The VORTEX!

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