Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Young Bucks" How to Raise a Future Millionaire

We are reading this book in order to develop and create dialouge about child entrepreneurship. You can read a recent post on how we are applying these principles with Kayla of Kayla Ventures. Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol - One Mom's Request for Her Son

We just got this update from one of our clients Denny and Leesa Bellesi, authors of the Kingdom Assignment and creators of their American Idol Ministry serving the finalist contestants. They have been working with Jason Castro and his family. Jason appears tonight on American Idol. Jason's mom makes a request to support her son.

"Denny and I picked up Danny and Suzanne Davis from LAX yesterday (no parking tickets :-) and they are just amazing people. Danny and Suzanne have served as Worship Leaders at LifePoint Church in Texas for the last 18 years and are still going strong. They are the ones that convinced Jason he should try out for AI. They're staying at the Beach House and getting walks by the ocean and again thank you Ontario Volvo and Earl and Nicole Reed for providing them with a Volvo Coupe while they are here. They are on Cloud 9 right now, with this great California weather. As you can see at the bottom pic they are mighty happy to be here :-) Love -Leesa"

Betsi (Jason's mom) and Jason Castro (American Idol Finalist)

Those of you that know Suzanne and Danny Davis can watch for them in the audience tonight!


He's on last tonight, which is actually,in the words of Simon

Start preprograming your text messages to send later
1.866.436.5707. Thanks for voting for my baby!
Mr. and Mrs. Castro

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pilot: Our Made for TV Edition of the "Houston Luxury Home Show" with Reggie Kerr

Andy Valadez with Reggie Kerr, Media Personality for "Houston Luxury Home Show"

The first made for TV edition pilot of "Houston Luxury Home Show" is now on-line for viewing. Our venture partnership with Steve Levine Real Estate Media continues to generate buzz in the Houston region and soon to be national markets.

We visit with Charles Campise, Sr. of Campise Homes, Inc. in Windsor Park Lakes at the Simonds' family home. This home is valued at $1.6M and has many unique lifestyle features.

To watch the video click here <luxury>

Monday, April 7, 2008

Joint Venture: "Houston Luxury Home Show" to air on KNTH 1070 AM

Steve Levine, CEO of Steve Levine Real Estate Media and Andy Valadez, President of Marketing Dynamics

Steve Levine at the studio recording the very first commercial

Listen to the finished edited commercial here: <luxury>

Creating radio web shows is fun business. The "Houston Luxury Home Show" will focus on Houston's top builders and the lifestyle of prominent Houstonian's. This show will also showcase top realtors and service providers to the industry. Tune-in each Saturday at 3PM on 1070AM in the Houston Market or on-line at Visit:

This show is sponsored and supported in part by:

Shoreline Mortgage, Ann Nelson President and CEO
Marketing Dynamics

Steven Kay Media
Lasting Impressions Home Management

Steve Levine Real Estate Media, LLC is also the creator and developer of "Houston Real Estate TODAY!", see: