Thursday, January 7, 2010

Marketing for Bright People and Truth Tellers

By Andy Valadez, StealthMarketer

In a world of dummies and liars, it pays to be bright. A bright person in my book is someone who knows that they need the right advisors/friends/counsel/family member(s) and a team around them to succeed. In a world of competing forces, the truth tellers have a better chance of winning (character in brands does matter). Truth in advertising is a great marketing principle (still a best practice).

The truth is that you could have the greatest product or service, but if the right people don't know about it, in they way they need to know about it, it could fail against a better marketed inferior option.

"It pays to win." - U.S. Navy Seals Motto

There is a lot of chatter in markets about what business owners are demanding from their advertising budgets and that is the problem. Most business people are looking at advertising not marketing (Bright Hint: Take time to learn more about the difference between advertising and marketing, they are not the same).
It is time for enterpreneurs to change their focus from advertising to marketing and get their truth to consumers who need to hear it, see it, taste it and live it. Many business owners and sales managers are adopting much of the web to expand their advertising to increase sales. Although this is good, it is still focused on advertising versus marketing. Sure, many of the providers use terms like "targeted", "demographics", "cost per acquistion", "reporting", "ROI", "position", "content", etc. This isn't new. Marketers have long evaluated their success based on the total comprehensive strategy and media mix to drive their well-thought positioining strategy.

The problem many companies are facing today is that there are very few marketers. Like black belts in martial arts, their are numerous practicitioners, but very few senseis or kanchos or mix martial art champions. Anyone can call themselves a marketer, but the truth is, not everyone is a marketer (they know enough to be dangerous to their client).

There are many specialists in the marketplace; however, they may not be marketers per se. For example, you may have an incredible web company or cutting-edge 20-something programmer leading your on-line marketing efforts while missing new opportunities. Short-term success is not a bad thing, but it can still cost you in the long-run to a better marketed company you may never even see hit your company like a round-house kick to the temple.

Marketers on the other hand are thinking about shifts in consumer demand, political and economic changes, competitor initiatives, distribution stategy and tactics, pricing changes, promotion and sales strategy, public relations, innovation, messages to key buyers, market research and "the mix" of traditional media that should still drive your brand positioning in all spectrums. The truth is that marketing is more important than ever.

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