Saturday, June 18, 2011

An EBC Podcast Interview with Larry Haines, President of Road Home Builders on "Insuladd"

I had an opportunity to interview Larry Haines for one of our companies The Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company for "The Entrepreneur Channel".  Larry is the President of Road Home Builders, LLC and is introducing Insuladd to the Texas and Louisiana market via his subsidiary company, an energy technology and conservation builder enterprise, Sunconomy.

Insuladd is an incredible space-age product that can be used to dramatically bring down temperatures in the home or commercial structures.  It is an insulated ceramic powder, that when mixed with paint creates a thermal barrier on or in the home (depends on where you apply the paint) to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Listen to the interview here on Cinchcast:

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Joanna Sanchez Seminars - Acting, Producing, Talent, Film & Television

An interview with Veteran Acting Coach, Producer and Actress Joanna Sanchez (IMDB link).  Joanna will be coming to Houston 5.21.11 thru 5.22.11 to teach her students fresh from the front-lines of Hollywood.  Listen to the interview here:  Joanna Sanchez (podcast on 

To book your class visit her website.  Pricing $100 for private (1hr) on 5.21.11 and $150 for the 5.22.11 class (one class for children and one for adults). Visit:

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Screenwriter for "Windcatcher" Jane L. Fitzpatrick to be Interviewed on Spotlight Radio On-line 4.5.11

Tune-in on-line Tuesday, 4.5.11 at 8PM CST to hear an interview with the writer of "Windcatcher: The Story of the Birdwoman" on "Spotlight" with Glenda Rovito on Jane will explain how she got interested in this story, became a screenwriter, and the journey of discovery and support for this film.

Here is the actual link to listen:

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