Saturday, July 19, 2008

In the Chase, the Need for Speed

"The Bub Streamliner 7" Fastest Motorcycle on Earth at 350.884 MPH - 9/5/06 Salt Flats at Bonneville

We recently picked up this client "Bub Racing" current record holder of the fastest motorcycle in the world (there is none faster) by "Jumping In". Marketing is about thinking strategically about the client/business and leveraging the company dynamics in creative ways that resonate and blow gusts in its path.

Many in business miss spectacular brand stories, because they are afraid to jump in and "chase" an opportunity. They want to sit and wait for something presented on their desk in a nice and tight package with a bow. In our current business climate, one can't sit and wait. We should always be active in the discovery of new Marketing opportunities. Companies are hurting, but there are plenty of ways to create Marketing coupes.

Gearing up for a deal like Bub Racing Enterprises puts many potential sponsors and advertisers in the realm of thinking fast and moving fast. The Marketing and brand opportunities associated with land speed records really gets the mind accelerating. I have had many fantastic conversations with production teams in Hollywood and elsewhere, Fortune 50 company representatives all over the U.S., and the client who has shared their vision and passion and their heart breaking history of smashing world records. It took Bub Racing 31 years to make history again. Denis has broken the record before in 1970 at 265.52 MPH with a Harley Davidson, Cal Rayburn, driver - his focus takes tenacity and guts.

Unique to this enterprise is that the official trials are quickly approaching scheduled for September 2-7, 2008 at the Bonneville Flats, Salt Lake City, UT (

We are calling on a few Fortune 50 companies and building a team of media and Marketing professionals who can leverage this feat. If we pull this off, we should see many mediums and showcases where Denis Manning, President of Bub Racing can share his vision of "championing a dream". Denis' team is focused on passing their own record this year at 375 MPH. We believe he and his team will do it!

What could this mean to the team and their sponsors/partners (extending their brand reach)?

Book Deals (already written by John Stein, can be reprinted to include sponsors)
DVD sales via top retailers (video of 2006 race and update 2008 planned)
Endorsement Deals - Chris Carr, Driver and Denis Manning, Founder
TV Talk Show Circuit (morning and night) - the big ones
Documentary of the raceoff Made for TV, Satellite, Internet, and Point of Purchase (plasma screen) showcases - production by Speed Vision and others
Bragging rights for its sponsors as being the best in the market, faster, safer, leaner, and meaner
Client relations (if you are there to share in the success, it will be something you and your family will never forget)
Merchandise sales (toys, clothing, etc.)
On-going marketing campaigns
Book placement in movies (planned)
A movie deal on his life
Trade show tours
This experience will make you dream again
and More!

If something like this excites you, call us to see how you can be a part or lend value to what we are working to create.

I read this book a couple of years ago. In my attempt to reach out to Mark Burnett Productions in Hollywood, I was able to connect with another production company that is very interested in the "Bub Story". Read this book and it will help you to "Jump In".

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Client: "Houston Real Estate TODAY" Celebrates 35th Broadcast with "Summer Social" at "The Social"

To celebrate the 35th broadcast of the “hit” CNN 650 real estate radio talk show, “Houston Real Estate Today!”, show sponsors Urban Financial and Real Estate Executive Magazine hosted a “Summer Social” at The Social (Washington @ Yale) for all previous show guests on Thursday, July 10th.

Previous show guests, Rochelle Barrow/Royce Builders (Show #1, 12, 33 & 34), Jeff Jansen//”Mr. Handy Man” (Show #3 & 10), Tom Laurenzo/Urban Financial (Show #6), Stephanie Robinson/Builder/Architect Magazine (Show #6), Connie Parsons/Lasting Impressions (Show #8 & Show & Event Photographer), Roger Martin/Roger Martin Properties (Show #11), Christine Rayburn/Brooks Ballard Century 21 Fine Homes & Estates and her husband, Chuck (Show # 13), Jeff Cummings/Waterfront Marketing Group (Show #13), Corey Deberadino/Urban Financial (Show #16 & 23), Daniel Beard/Aim Property Inspections (Show #20 & 22), Heidi Allbritton/Keller Williams Realty-Pearland (Show #23, 28 & 31), Mitch Creekmore/Stewart Title (Show #24), Coach Dan Hart & his wife, Betty/Tax Payers for Equal Appraisals (Show #26, 27, 29 & 30), Chuck & Shivani Palaniappan/inTec of Houston (Show #28), Carol Fusco/Realty Pros of Texas (Show #30), Chris Liebum/Farmers Insurance (Show #30) and Betty Warren/Stewart Title (Show #34) joined show co-creator and host, Steve Levine and his wife Barbara (Associate Publisher of Real Estate Executive Magazine and show title sponsor, Rene Salvatierra/Urban Financial for hot dogs, hamburgers and all the “fixings” on The Social’s patio.

Virginia Grace Green/Grace & Co. (Show #36) joined fellow Real Estate Executive Publisher’s Advisory Board member and dear friend, Candy Lynn George/Allied Home Warranty in helping Steve, Barbara and Rene celebrate the show’s 35th broadcast.

At the door of The Social to welcome the show guests and “Friends of the Show” that night was new REE & HRET Account Executive Tessa Strickler. “Friends of the Show” guests included Steve’s sister Tracey Levine, Antonio Gargurevich/Nuestra Casa Magazine (Show Marketing Partner), Michael Contello (Show “PR”), International Artist, BenTzion Jacob, (Ben is a visionary esoteric Kabbalistic artist), Dwayne Sawyer/Texas Home Group, Todd Barrow/Partners in Building and Brooks Ballard/Century 21 Brooks Ballard Fine Homes & Estates.

“Houston Real Estate Today!” broadcasts every Friday on AM CNN 650 at 1:00pm and streams “live” at 1pm Central on www/ (by clicking on the CNN Logo).

All broadcasts of the show are archived as “Google” videos on thanks to the show’s co-creator Andy Valadez of Marketing Dynamics and show videographer and photographer Connie Parsons of Lasting Impressions. Connie also sponsors the Flickr Photo Album on the website.

Homes & Land Magazine and Nuestra Casa Magazine are Strategic Marketing Partners of the show.

For more information on how you and your company can be a guest, sponsor or advertiser on the show you can email Steve and/or Andy at or call Andy at 713-560-3348 or Tessa at 713-299-9357

Other photos can be seen at the "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" Flickr Photo Album, <PHOTOS>

Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Greater Houston Blind Veterans Bay Fishing Trip

Life is full of unexpected opportunities, coincidences, and blessings - nothing happens by accident. I had the opportunity to accompany my father-in-law (Jimmy Scruggs) on a bay fishing excursion in Galveston with the Greater Houston Blind Veterans (pictured above).

My schedule is crazy these days, but I had promised to take him deep sea fishing and the years had gone by without that promise being kept. However, the Lord provided a way for us to go via the Greater Houston Blind Veterans. I shut down the computer on Friday and we joined a group of Houston veterans for a day of fishing in the bay (what a fun group of ladies and gentlemen).

Sometimes, I feel so impatient and worry about wasting time. I brought a book "The Little Red Book of Selling" by Jeffrey Gitomer to bide my time and keep me productive. This excursion was kind of a distraction (so I thought), until I started to see those who were frequenting the Dr. Michael Debakey Veterans Hospital (got the news this morning about Dr. Debakey's passing at age 99). The veterans walking around had served combat missions and I really became appreciative of this unique trip planned by the VA. These men and women had served their country and now their country was serving them.

When my father-in-law (who served in Viet Nam) and I walked up to the building, I was reminded of how generous and dedicated Dr. Debakey had been to the Veterans, performing his first surgeries on our troops while he himself was in the military in World War II. I am sorry to hear of his passing, but am amazed at his impact on the world, performing over 60,000 heart surgeries in his career. I hope there is a book on his life, I want to read it and learn more about this man who served humanity so well.

These times away from my work and passion, give me pause to reason and reflect. I have to force my self to let go and jump into the moment and if I am not careful, I could miss the opportunity or the reason for the diversions in life. For example, take a look at this cool video of my father-in-law (who is legally blind) catching a shark! He had bragging rights when we came home to share it with his granddaughters. Moments like these are priceless.

My Father-in-law Jimmy Scruggs (legally blind) Catches a Shark

While on this trip, I got to spend a fair amount of time with Kenny Adams, U.S. Army Calvary. Kenny actually goes to my church, but I had not had the opportunity to meet him and as chance would have it, we sat together and had many hours of interesting conversation. Check out his appearance on ABC (found on YouTube).

Kenny Adams of "Helping a Hero" and other Veterans Support Organizations

Kenny is an amazing guy and has an amazing sense of humor and independence. Kenny was wounded by friendly fire in Afghanistan. An American soldier was cleaning his rifle next to Kenny, when it went off and shot him in the jaw with the projectile traveling through his head upward, damaging both of his eyes to the point of total blindness. Kenny told me he "flat-lined" four times while being transported to the medical team that saved his life. Now, I am very proud of my service in the U.S. Marine Corps, but when you sit and talk to a guy like Kenny and see his loss, it can make one feel grateful and humbled.

I remember when the community came together and bought he and his wife Katherine a beautiful home in Katy. I did not know that that would be the beginning for Kenny to get involved to support wounded veterans and Helping a Hero. Helping a Hero is working to give away 1,000 homes to severely wounded veterans and Kenny gets to be the one who helps these families (what a great job). He is a spokesperson of sorts in many causes and has access to just about anyone caring for our vets.

In fact, Kenny and his wife have had an opportunity to dine with former President George and Barbara Bush, he has met many country singers supporting our troops like Toby Keith, John Rich, Ted Nugent (who invited him to go bear hunting), Willie Nelson, Gretchen Wilson, Lee Anne Rhymes, and been honored by many who have reached out their support for his causes. Kenny is an amazing guy who harbors no ill will and still brags about his military saying, "If you ain't Calvary, you ain't shit." He is proud of his unit and our military and I am proud to have finally met him, if only by accident. Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Final Salute and the 4th of July

I will be completing the final chapters of "Final Salute: A Story of Unfinished Lives" today. I received this book from Trish Forant, founder of (a website resource that makes it easy to e-mail and serve those on the front lines of battle). She was assisting Freelance Journalist Becky of "Deep Muck Big Rake", via blog promotion raising awareness for the stories written by Pulitzer Prize winner journalist Jim Sheeler of the Rocky Mountain News.

This book serves as a reminder of our American journey. It provides a snapshot of war and freedom's cost, more recently the Iraq and Global War on Terror. The reader goes on a somber mission with those responsible for notifiying next of kin and the families who have lost loved ones in battle, in war. We meet each family, get to know them, and the son, husband, and father who chose to serve our country and died carrying out that duty.

We follow Major Beck of the U.S. Marines from the dreaded knock on the door in the late night, to the final resting place, and the hurt that families endure afterwards. Major Beck has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that each of his families and other's receive the "Final Salute" and ongoing support these families need and deserve. His attention to detail in every family request knows no bounds.

Few in America are close to war and for over 200 years, America continues to sacrifice for the sake our own nation and other's around the world (history proves that other countries and governments benefit from our success). Over 1.5 million service women and men have given their lives for the sake of independence.

For me, this book brought back the honor, respect, and solemnity that we should come to celebrate in appreciation of our hard won freedom. These chapters, these lives will make you cry. In fact, it made me remember Lance Corporal Timothy McMahaon, USMC and the 241 other servicemen who were killed in the Beirut, Lebanon barracks bombing of 1983. Tim was a friend of mine and inspired my life's focus. This book made me remember him and his family and identify with the families I read about.

The 4th of July is a celebration of freedom (it is not a time of sadness), a celebration of the modern day miracle that we call America. Freedom is not guaranteed, we have a chance to renew each day, each year, each decade, and hopefully another 100 years. To all our military serving in harms way, we salute you on 4th of July and rejoice in the American military and the American story. Take time today to look at an American flag blowing in the wind and render a salute and hopefully it will never be final. Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

Semper Fi!

Andy Valadez
USMC 88 to 92

p.s. My family and I are heading to the world's largest land-based fireworks display in Houston, Texas this evening to celebrate the 4th of July - Independence Day.

Final Salute: Soldiers and Marines in Iraq

Buy this book today!

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