Saturday, April 28, 2007

"The Steed" Performs at Bohemeo's - Houston

The Steed

Had a great night last night reviewing and supporting this up and coming band. The venue Bohemeo's. I have known of Brand Turner, Musician and Lead Singer, for a while and have been amazed at his talent. The band is incredible with the ability to cross many genres and a represent a variety of sounds and hints from Tool, King Crimson, Volta do Mar, ELP, Traffic, Prince, Aerosmith (the early days), and the vocal hints of Neil Young. The band describes their sound as "Where heaven meets the gutter." I am asking "The Steed" to help me on a movie project I am working on. Get caught up in The VORTEX!

Lead Singer Brandon Turner

Other Band Members: Chad Davis, Guitar (middle),
Nathan Vanderford, Bass (right), and Josh Wallis, Drums

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Body By Sona - Personality Marketing with Kathie Turner

I write about Personality Marketing at my Houston Business Home Show blog about my close friend: Kathie Turner

Kathie is an amazing lady. Check out her blog this year, as we chart her journey with my client Sona Medspa

Sona Medspa is a national franchise in one of the fastest growing wellness category in America. Personality marketing can help you get more visibility for your marketing programs. Get caught up in The VORTEX!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ordinary, Average, Every Day Super Hero!

I love what I do. As a kid, I wanted to be Batman, the Lone Ranger, Popeye, Superman, Captain America, and Mr. Fantastic! The good guys always won and saved people from destruction and the bad guys faced justice.

One of my favorite memories is a cap gun shoot out I had with my father, cousins, and uncles. Smoke and pops signaled that the good guys were winning (that was my posse)! Of course, we were all wounded but we lived to fight another day. We still have heroes among us! I loved the movie "The Incredibles" and once teased our girls that mommy and daddy really were "super heroes". The look in their eyes really grabbed my heart as they looked up in a moment of genuine belief, that we just might be "super heroes". Sorry to say, they figured it out that we were not. But, the more I thought about it, I realized that we are and we were teaching them to become remarkable people!

Bare with me. As Marketers (this blog is written for Marketers), we have a chance to stand for good, to communicate great brands that make life better for others, to get monumental things done that seem super human, to promote family causes, protect the elderly, and inspire people to be their best, etc. Keep in mind that I am strongly conservative, believe in lower taxes, more freedom, pro-traditional family (the fabric of a healthy society), pro-life (protecting the unborn), pro-criminal justice (i.e., the death penalty for violent criminals), and avoid political correctness. We need more super heroes in these times. Ordinary, Average, Every Day Super Heros! Get caught up in the VORTEX!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Money Train" with K-Diamondz

Met Kelan (K-Diamondz) on-line. After reviewing his website and his focus, I wanted to alert my readers to this rising star. "Money Train", K-Diamondz' next CD will be a big accomplishment for his emerging label "Street Pop, Inc.". Kelan says he wants to convey a positive message for the street culture helping them to discover alternative ways to monetary success, away from the drug culture and the narrow path of sports. Kelan wants to reflect what is hot on the street and his sound does just that. Read K-Diamondz bio to read about the hard work and smart strategy he is employing as he puts his label on the map. See: Buy his current CD and "Take it high, take it low, drop the top, drive slow". Get caught up in the VORTEX!

I will be interviewing K-Diamondz (Kelan) on one of my Podcasts.

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The Way of the Empty Hand, Martial Arts and Business

I have been taking Karate for going on two years with GKR Karate (one of the world's largest federations). I teach a class on Tuesday nights and realize that my training and instruction has helped me in business. I have read countless stories from other martial artists who have seen dramatic improvements in their self-esteem, health, confidence, and relationships (knowing when to sever and nurture them). Marketers are warriors. The battle for the mind could be one mind or millions. A Marketer must prepare himself for every situation and be prepared to win or handle defeat with honor and respect for the opponent. As a former marine, student of politics and military history, Marketer, and father and husband, I must be prepared to champion, defend, and celebrate the life I have been called to live. As a warrior Marketer, I have learned to tolerate the shortcomings of others and to work on my own. I have also learned to lead when others won't. As I tell my students, the way of the "empty hand" is not of the "empty mind" (we must be constantly learning). Marketing is strategy and the better Marketer wins! Get caught up in the VORTEX!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Blogger's Choice Award: The BusinessMakers (nomination)

The BusinessMakers is an amazing radio and podcast show featuring founders of companies, large and small. Marketing Dynamics helped create the show with Russ Capper, Serial Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship Advocate. The show has interviewed over 350 entrepreneurs, featuring names like Rod Canion of Compaq, Steve Forbes, Colleen Barrett, President of Southwest Airlines (one of the original founders), Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, Craig Newmark, founder of Craig's List, Carly Fiorina, former Chairman and CEO of HP, David Saperstein, of MetroNetworks, and more. The show is preparing to go national. We need your help with an on-line bloggers nomination! Go to: (please vote at this link and post a comment). You can review some of the podcasts at (organized by industry and month). Get caught up in the VORTEX!

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Monday, April 9, 2007

An Interview with Steve Levine, Publisher of Real Estate Executive Magazine

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Andy Valadez, StealthMarketer interviews client and friend, Steve Levine, Publisher of the exclusive magazine "Real Estate Executive" created for top Real Estate producers. Visit:

An Interview with Steve Levine, Publisher of Real Estate Executive Magazine

Leading-edge marketing dialogue. A Podcast “From the Front Lines” by Andy Valadez, President and CEO of Marketing Dynamics, Visit:, “Because the market never stays the same”.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Back from Iraq, 3 Points of Contact, "The Sound of War"

They are back! "3 Points of Contact" is back from the front lines in Iraq. Listen to the sound of the music this band recorded while serving in Iraq. My nephew, Edward "ArTiLIEr-E" Robledo, is glad to be home (one of the lead singers). He misses his buddies that didn't make it home and so do we. Their music makes you feel like you are on the hunt and you can almost smell the gun powder from the "Sabo" round (a tank round used to obliterate the enemy). Love the cutting-edge sound. Leave it the American ingenuity to make a sound studio in the desert. Welcome back guys! Keep the music coming! Great guitar and vocals! Visit: Get caught up in the VORTEX!

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

An Aggie Visits Aggieland - College Station, Texas

I love Marketing! I love being an Aggie more (Texas A&M University). I am so excited to be visiting with my Marketing Professor, Dr. Stephen McDaniel tomorrow (good Friday) in College Station, Texas. He really inspired me to value Marketing and to remember what Marketing brings to the table. I have kept in touch with him over the years, since 1993. He has been my mentor and given me sage advice when I have needed it. Now, I haven't had lunch with him since '93 and am looking forward to our discussion. I count myself very fortunate to be an Aggie and know that my school prepared me to compete among the best. A friend of mine, a Wharton MBA graduate, once told me that she had never met anyone like me who knew Marketing so well and had such a passion for it! Now, my friend created a two billion dollar company and was responsible for a $100M Marketing budget. So, I didn't take her compliment lightly. I give thanks to Dr. McDaniel for that. I will give you a full report when I get back. Whoop!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Get on Your High Horse and Make Your Brand Resonate

We all love great brands. Nothing gets the heart racing like Ferrari! I have never driven one, but hope to do so one day. Now, I have driven a few BMWs to "red line". Went to my local Starbucks here in Houston and some dude had his black Lamborghini parked up front and it had the attention that it deserves. Parked, it looked like it was speeding.

As marketers, we have to think about our brands. What makes them resonate? What gets the motor running, the gears shifting, and the wheels burning. That is the stuff that marketing is made of. Everthing has the potential to communicate life. The promise of a good time or experience. That is what we respond to or that is what your customers should respond to. Get caught up in The VORTEX!

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