Sunday, August 12, 2007

Leadership Summit 2007 - Lead Where You Are

Wow! Just completed 3 days of intense leadership re-calibration at The Fellowship of The Woodlands, "Leadership Summit 2007". This was my second year to attend and I encourage others to seek it out and put it on your schedule for next year 8/7 thur 8/9 2008 (see for more details on 2008).

The summit is satellite broadcasted all over the world, with over 100,000 leaders attending this year. We heard from Carly Fiorina, Former HP CEO, Floyd Flake, Marcus Buckingham, Michael Porter, PhD, Harvard Strategy Professor, Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State, John Ortberg, Filmmaker Richard Curtis (who has raised over $1B to help the poor and dying in Africa), Jimmy Carter (not my favorite past President, but interesting man to learn from), and of course, Bill Hybels.

I get inspired everytime I go, to do greater things. Our "little missions" when compared to the greater things going on around us, pale in comparison to what others have done and are doing to make life better for the desperately hopeless. Leadership is a gift and a higher calling. I am looking forward to the drastic changes I am making in my business, life, and focus for the rest of the year. The most dangerous prayer one can make, is "Lord use me!" Lead where you are. Get caught up in THE VORTEX.

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