Sunday, November 4, 2007

Worlds Fastest Motorcycles by Denis Manning

"Streamline 7" World Record Holder

Marketing Dynamics, a 100% pure Strategic Marketing firm, gets a YouTube video interview with Denis Manning of BUB Racing, Inc., founder and creator of 6 of the 11 fastest motorcycles in the world. Mr. Manning’s team currently holds the world land speed motorcycle with “Stream Liner 7” (pictured above) – a record at 350.884 MPH completed in September of 2006. Special thanks to Meghan Lee of Spin Communications for facilitating this interview in the field. Mr. Manning will make himself available for a special podcast where we discover why he has decided to pursue his dream of creating 7 of the fastest motorcycles in the world. What is the next speed record? Maybe he will disclose in our next interview. Get caught up THE VORTEX!

Meghan Lee and Denis Manning

Interview Courtesy of ThunderBobMan (found on YouTube)

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