Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keeping it All Straight in an Ever Changing Marketing World

Time to be Audacious!

I have been posting everything on my Twitter account, see: lately and have met some really great people on-line there. If this is your first visit to my VORTEX, please read on.

Today has been another blur. A Marketer's job is never finished. Marketing is about getting "lift" and everyone on the web has ideas on how one does that, but it is still Marketing. You may hear buzz on "Social Media", "Search", "Word of Mouth", "Conversion", "Conversations", "Engagement", "Acquisition Architecture" or "Sales Engine". I have even read something about "removing pain".

Marketing is Marketing is Marketing (some people hate the word, but that is what it is). All Marketers are not liars, all liars are liars. Everyone is trying to get their message out and getting someone to take action. At some point our Marketing effort makes money or someone makes money somewhere down the line. It is amazing that few people want to be accused of Marketing.

Marketing is about price, promotion, place, and product at its core. So, how do you get people to act on your Marketing? Did you just send an e-mail? That was Marketing. Does your message say anything about price (my time is worth money, did you just waste my time), where can people buy it (what are you asking me to buy from you), how can others promote it (advertise it, write a news story about it, or blog about it), and is the product right for the market? Everybody Markets something (i.e., an idea, a product, a cause, etc.). What are you Marketing today and how can you do it better? Get caught up in The VORTEX!

Question? How much should one budget for their Marketing? Notice I didn't say advertising (your advertising comes out of your Marketing budget). How do you determine an appropriate budget (yes, Marketing does cost money and has value). Please comment below.

p.s. I love to Market and enjoy meeting those who love it too!

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