Saturday, March 21, 2009

Marketng With Zero Budget or Without a Shoe String

The power of the right set of marketing initiatives can leverage one's business (especially in a down economy). I have often cited the example to clients and friends of the success written about by Sergio Zyman, the former Marketing Director for Coca-Cola (arguably the #1 brand in the world). As a young marketer for a prominent advertising company, he discovered an opportunity for Nescafe coffee in Japan. Sales were slumping in the summer in that region and he needed to find out why. Well, his study of the situation unveiled that the Japanese rarely drank "hot" things in the summer, so he introduced "ice coffee." Basically, for the cost of ice, he transformed the psychographics and demand for the brand. He changed the advertising message and the rest is history.

Mr. Zyman also impacted the advertising world by demanding performance and sharing revenue for success. As a strategic marketer, I am a big fan of joint venturing, revenue sharing, and investing marketing intellectual capital with my clients and friends for their benefit. As a result, I have managed to accumulate a nice portfolio of opportunities in tech, radio and TV, film, music, with authors, real estate, and more.

So, I have actually developed a model that enables my company to help our clients in a delayed payment, accelerated revenue participation, and on-going support built into the model. In essence, we start with nothing (or very little - depending on the deal) and we build something together, employing many of the marketing principles that help successful brands.

Although, you can utilize guerrilla marketing strategies and tactics, word-of-mouth, and sales efforts for a season, one really does need to establish a budget and plan for marketing to have a long-term success path of progression . You can review an article on this subject of establishing a budget, see: (search budget). Get caught up in THE VORTEX!

Andy Valadez is President of Marketing Dynamics, a strategic marketing enterprise helping its clients to leverage their unique business opportunities. His company has served many media personalities, leaders in technology, construction and real estate, racing, film, music, publishers, not-for-profits, and emerging companies. You can find out more about Marketing Dynamics by visting: (his personal blog). Mr. Valadez is a graduate of Texas A&M University (Marketing) and Tulane University (Applied Business) and served honorably in United States Marine Corps (Desert Shield/Desert Storm). He is happily married to his wife and girlfriend of 27 years, Tina, and has two beautiflul girls, Kayla (8) and Kenna (5).

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