Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is Marketing Dead?

Read an interesting quote from @shoestringing (a Marketer I follow on Twitter). She was quoting noted author Seth Godin, "Everything we do is Marketing, whether we mean it or not." So, if you are breathing and reading this article, "No! Marketing is not dead."

My reply to @shoestringing is that "We are either Marketing well or badly," which she agreed. I remember my Marketing professor at Texas A&M tell the class that "Marketing is paid for one way or the other." What he meant is that each product has a cost of Marketing associated with it. It is a hard cost just like legal, accounting, taxes, payroll, materials, shipping, etc. If you don't have a budget for it, your company is still paying that cost by the loss of margin and sales you could be making. So, one way or the other, the cost is being included in the service or product offering. Just like "death and taxes," you pay for Marketing.

Now, I surf the web reading many articles from many supposed experts (there are really few experts - I don't claim to be one, although I think I do alright). Many claim that Marketing has changed. Well, it really hasn't. There are many disciplines within Marketing that help companies and people to Market well. So, one should not be relying on one way. One should have a mix of Marketing activities at their disposal. Here are few things to consider that may help you along the way:

  • Social media is not Marketing. It really is more like advertising and public relations.

  • Advertising is not Marketing. Advertising is more like broadcasting.

  • Broadcasting is not Marketing. Radio and TV is more like Advertising.

  • Market Research is not Marketing. That is more like discovering your customer.

  • Distributing strategy is not Marketing. That is more like making it easier for your customer to buy your product.

  • Pricing strategy is not Marketing. That is more like knowing what your customer can afford to pay for your product and/or service.

  • Packaging and design is not Marketing. That is more like knowing what attributes your customers identify with and how they will best use your product.

  • Branding is not Marketing. We all love great brands, they appeal to our psychographic needs. Branding let's you get inside the head of your customer.

  • Sales is not Marketing. That is more like asking your customer to buy, once you have convinced them that your product or service meets their needs.

  • Public Relations is not Marketing. That is more like making news.

  • Promotion Strategy is not Marketing. That is more like being relevant to unique opportunities that appeal to those customers who are sitting on the fence.

  • I could go on, but I hope you get the point.

So, what is Marketing? Marketing is the combination of many or all of these disciplines for an integrated approach to knowing your customers and influencers. It should be orchestrated by a Marketer and the owner of the company or senior leadership. Marketers provide the tools to help shape the dialogue of a well developed offering. Over time, the value of the Marketing makes for successful companies. The principles of Marketing have never really changed and the reason why it will remain alive. He or she who Markets well lives to Market another day.

Andy Valadez is President of Marketing Dynamics, a strategic marketing enterprise helping its clients to leverage their unique business opportunities. His company has served many media personalities, leaders in technology, construction and real estate, racing, film, music, publishers, not-for-profits, and emerging companies. You can find out more about Marketing Dynamics by visting: (his personal blog). Mr. Valadez is a graduate of Texas A&M University (Marketing) and Tulane University (Applied Business) and served honorably in United States Marine Corps (Desert Shield/Desert Storm). He is happily married to his wife and girlfriend of 28 years, Tina, and has two beautiflul girls, Kayla (8) and Kenna (5).

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