Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Chronic Marketer - "Always be Marketing!"

I coined a new term several months ago, "The Chronic Entrepreneur" - someone who just loves creating business after business. We have heard of serial entrepreneurs (usually a smaller number of businesses), intrapreneurs (business people who champion business models within a company), child entrepreneurs ("What you are 6 and don't have a business yet?"), senior entrepreneurs ("What you are 60 and don't have a business yet?"), etc.

I know "chronic" has a bad connotation. However, if your life depended on it, would you want a person who was "fanatic" about their job of taking care of you? You bet. I want my family practitioner, heart doctor, eye doctor, or nutritionalist to be incredible gifted (and that usually means they are hard at work staying at the top of their game). One of the reasons I don't support national healthcare - who really wants the government running that?

Would you want the government running your Marketing? I hope not.

I love being around passionate people. People who are on a mission of sorts and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. I love to see people come out of character and get excited about their companies (if you aren't who else is going to be?). I avoid boring people - get mad, get glad, laugh, or cry. Give me energy and now we have something to work with. We are living in chronic times that demand outstanding Marketing performance.

Yes, Marketing has its cerebral moments when the details of the plan have to be worked out. I love that stuff too, but as we survey the land we notice that there is always room for improvement in one's Marketing. Work on it daily!!

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