Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Rise of the Marketing Producer

By Andy Valadez, StealthMarketer

Are you paying attention to the times? They are crazy and the old has passed away and the new is a scary course for many. There are more demands placed on Marketing than ever. Unfortunately, there are those in the field who claim to be Marketers, but in fact are something else.

There is a lot more to Marketing than people realize. The chatter about what constitutes Marketing is getting more unclear by the day. Marketing will never change, the way we Market will. The principles of Marketing are tried and true.

As a Stategic Marketer, I have focused my efforts deeper. I have coined a new title in the marketplace called "The Marketing Producer".

I have spent the last three years of my efforts focused on the filmmaking business accumulating a portfolio of $300M in movie projects currently in advanced development. I happen to be a movie buff.

What I have found in this industry is that Producers really are not Marketers and Marketers in tradional industries are not Producers. Producers are cool, they do make the movie making process happen, but Marketing can help that process a lot faster and ultimately transitions into the distribution stategy which also helps.

The standard for today's business is that the Marketer should not only be a Marketer, but he or she needs to also be a Producer. That is - someone who gets the job done.

As a Marketer, I have really focused my attentions on clients who have the potential to grow exponentially in sectors that offer a long term growth potential - sectors like GPS, solar, broadcasting, racing, entertainment, and publishing. In the past four years, my company has accumulated a portfolio of $500M in these sectors as well.

For example, we have a client who is about to get a $50M deal funded very soon in the gaming tech sector. This client had been working to get funded for many years. Through the power of networking and building brand value in the market place, my company Marketing Dynamics was seen as the conduit to this process. We got all parties together, aided preliminary discussions and got the client's confidence and our partner's interest in the opportunity. This process ultimately opened the door for the deal to happen. Now, we are ready to participate in the next phase launch in this billion dollar sector. You will hear more developments it in coming months.

Many of my clients depend on key relationships, funding and sage Marketing advice that can take their long-term growth plans to reality. My team and I enjoy making the connections our clients demand and implementing the effective programs to get our clients over the hump and into the profit zone.

If your Marketing function is not producing the results you are looking for, give us a call. We invite you to do a little research. Visit: and to review the types of clients we serve. If what you see impresses you, then we advise a conference call to determine how we might help your enterprise. We don't serve everybody, but those we do serve have some very interesting stories to tell.

"Marketing Dynamics, because the Market never stays the same."

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